🖥️ New Feature! Multiple Development Stores

With great excitement, we announce the launch of our latest enhancement to the Zid platform – the Multiple Development Store feature. The Multiple Development Store feature enables you to create up to 15 separate development stores, providing you with an expanded scope for testing your integrations across multiple store setups. **To create your first development store, please follow these easy steps:** 1. Proceed to the "Development Store" tab within your partner account. 2. Select "Create a Development Store". 3. Enter your chosen store name and password, confirm the password, and then hit "Save". Just like that, your development store is ready! You can now install your app or theme on this newly created store for testing purposes. We hope that the Multiple Development Store feature streamlines your development and testing processes on the Zid platform, allowing you to efficiently optimize your applications and plugins. We value your collaboration and remain committed to supporting your development journey.