🪄 New Feature! Enhanced Theme Update Journey

**Dear valued theme partners, we’re thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking feature that has been released today! ** Introducing the New UI Theme Update Journey - Designed to make theme creation, updates, and publishing a breeze! We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re excited to deliver a solution that will empower you in this. 🚀 ## What's new? ## 🌟 **Revamped Table, Filters, and Actions:** We’ve given the partner dashboard a dazzling makeover, with a sleek, intuitive interface that will streamline every aspect of theme management. You’ll be able to navigate your themes with ease, making updates and changes faster and more efficient than ever. 🔧 **Theme Edits and Updates Made Effortless:** Say goodbye to the frustrating process of contacting our support team for every minor theme tweak. With our new feature, you can now effortlessly make edits and updates directly from the partner dashboard. No more waiting, no more delays—take control of your themes! 🔄 **Automatic Versioning:** We’ve implemented a powerful versioning system for your theme updates. Each time you make an update and it’s approved, we automatically create a version. This ensures that you can keep track of your theme’s evolution and easily revert to previous versions when needed. We believe these enhancements will supercharge your experience, putting you in the driver’s seat and allowing you to deliver better themes, faster 😎 Whether you’re creating new themes, fine-tuning existing ones, or staying up to date with the latest trends, our revamped partner dashboard has you covered. **Happy theming! 💜 **