💸 Partner's Payouts Are Now Available!

We're excited to announce the launch of an important complementary feature for our partners in the partner dashboard. ## Here were our challenges: Previously, we relied entirely on email communication to remind partners of monthly payouts and track payment statuses. This involved sending payout reports for each partner, waiting for each other's response, and proceed with invoicing and payment based on the business model. _________ ## What has changed today: New automation plans! Believing that they will solve the problems arising from completing tasks manually * At the beginning of each month, partners will receive a new payout record for a specific month, including details of the partner's share and fees. * Automated emails and reminders will be sent to the partner when a new payout record is available in the dashboard and when the status transitioned ( in review, rejected, settled). * Partners are now able to download the payout report to review the transactions details. * Easy attachment of any required files based on the business model for each monthly payout record. * All payout records will be saved for the partner with their corresponding files for reference when needed. _________ ## ⚠️ Important Update: Starting from tomorrow (December Payout), partners are required to start using the new payouts system instead of sending and waiting for finance team emails. * For Subscription App & Theme Partners, new payout records will appear on the 6th day of January (Successful purchases in December). * For Shipping App Partners, new payout records will appear on the 1st day of January (Based on delivered orders in December).