[New Feature] Product Badge Now Available!

We are excited to introduce a new feature: **Product Badge for Theme and App** This feature is designed to provide information about the specifications and features of a product. Each product badge includes informative details such as (Free Shipping, Bestseller, etc...) With this new functionality, you can now seamlessly integrate and manage badge. Here's what you can do: * **For Applications:** * **[Add Product Badge](https://docs.zid.sa/docs/zid-merchant-api/cjbgmjqa7tw33-create-a-new-product)**: You can easily incorporate badge into the product. * **[Update Product Badge](https://docs.zid.sa/docs/zid-merchant-api/qwcwqpbae7n4y-update-an-existing-product)**: Need to modify a sticker's information or appearance? No problem! Developers can dynamically update stickers to reflect changes in stock availability, discounts, or any other relevant details. * **[Get Product Badge](https://docs.zid.sa/docs/zid-merchant-api/gs5dol1i9ohxx-product-badge)**: This will allow you to retrieve a list of all predefined store badges available to the merchant. * **For Themes:** * **[Add Product Badge](https://docs.zid.sa/docs/snippets/stn7o1iyngyij-adding-product-badge)**: You can integrate the Product Badges functionality into your theme. This feature empowers you to create engaging and informative experiences for users. We can't wait to see how you leverage this feature to enhance your integration and deliver exceptional user experiences.