[New Feature] Published App Self-Editing

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that empowers you with greater control over your app: **Self-Edit your Published App**! This update allows you to directly edit your app details without the need for our assistance. **Edit your app directly from your Partner Dashboard:** * **General Settings:** Update app essential settings. This will require a review before being reflected. * **Application Details:** Edit your app details, including title, description, category, and images. * **Webhook Management:** Configure and modify the subscribed webhooks. * **Plans Management:** Add more pricing plans and configure existing ones. This will require a review before being reflected. **How to do that?** 1. [Navigate to My Apps section from your partner account](https://partner.zid.sa/applications). 2. Click on the edit icon. 3. Submit the changes. 4. For sections that requires an approval, our team will review the changes, and you'll receive an email notification with the status. If you have any questions or require assistance with editing published apps, don't hesitate to [reach out to our support team](https://partner.zid.sa/login). We're always happy to help!