Enhanced Order Tracking for Slide App Integration on Zid

Greetings, I'm Michael from Slide, and we value our integration with the Zid system. Our app serves to empower merchants on your platform, providing essential tools for enhanced product sales, particularly through social media platforms such as WhatsApp. While we have seen success in this regard, we believe there is an opportunity to further improve the merchant experience. We are submitting a **feature request** to inquire about the possibility of introducing specific features or **methods** within the Zid platform, designed to assist merchants in distinguishing **orders** created by "**Slide**" from those generated by other **entities**. Our suggestion would be, the introduction of a unique identifier or value (app name) associated with each order to facilitate more effective tracking. If feasible, we would appreciate the inclusion of this variables to the APIs, and it's documentation related to this proposed feature. Such additions would not only refine our coupon management but also contribute to the overall optimization of our order tracking processes. Your consideration of this feature request would greatly benefit our efforts, and we look forward to the possibility of its implementation. If there are any further details or information required to support this request, please do not hesitate to let us know.