Direct/Instant Review Submission via WhatsApp for increasing the number of reviews for each e commerce

**Overview:** This feature enables Zid’s store customers to submit product reviews directly from WhatsApp without being redirected to the Zid store or app. The process utilizes automated review requests and integrates an authentication mechanism to verify user identity via a verification code sent to WhatsApp. **Requirements:** ● Automated Review Request: After a purchase, an automated message requests a review from the customer via WhatsApp. ● Authentication and Verification: Secure verification of customer identity using a one-time code sent to their WhatsApp. ● Review Submission: Customers can reply with their review and the verification code directly on WhatsApp. ● API Integration: Zid provides necessary APIs for verification and review submission. **Proposed Method:** The primary challenge is authenticating the customer’s identity. To address this, Zid will provide an API for sending a verification code to the customer’s WhatsApp. This verification code is then used to authenticate the review submission back to Zid’s service. **Proposed Workflow:** 1. Verification Initiation: Quartz triggers Zid to send a verification code/token to the customer's WhatsApp. 2. Review Request: After verification, Quartz sends a templated review request to the customer, scheduled by the store. 3. Review Capture and Submission: Quartz captures the customer's review and the verification code/token, and posts it to Zid after the store owner approves it on the Quartz platform. **APIs Needed:** 1. Send Verification/Token API: Zid provides an API to send a verification code to a customer’s phone number or email via WhatsApp. 2. Create Review API: Another API to submit the review content along with the customer’s verification code/token.